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elin manon

Sustainable Fashion Blog

Eclectic. Circular. Artisan. 

Elin Manon is your place to get zero waste, sustainable clothing with character. 

Debuted in 2018 during London Fashion Week with a collection made from up-cycled lace net curtains and waste wool from the Welsh woollen industry. 

We are not for Rachel Green but Pheobe Bouffay. We do things slightly differently, opting for smaller collections in limited runs. Creating value in each piece we make. 

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Sustainable Head Warmers

Siwd Mae! It's that time of year when every British conversation starts with.... oooh it's a bit nippy now aint it! I don't understand...

Choose Wool

Why Wool? Since the Stone Age, wool has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of protection from the weather. It has some...

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