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7 Welsh Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Know

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Wales has a whole host of talent especially when it comes to fashion, lets take a look at some of the best sustainable brands we have to offer


Making high quality, lower impact clothing since 1995. Howies is an independent active clothing company in West Wales, owned and run by its employees.

Making clothing for running, cycling and the outdoors as well as easy to wear stuff for everyday.

Their award‑winning men's and women's clothing is ethically produced using organic, recycled or natural fabrics wherever possible.

Hiut Denim

Hiut's message is to do one thing and do it well and that's jeans. They are proud to say that they make some of the best jeans in the world. They started the brand to bring manufacturing back home , to use the skills they have on their doorstep and breathe life into their town.

Dati Clothing

With a clear focus on reworking fabrics and reducing fabric waste, Dati which means Good on You in Welsh, acts as a call to be good, look good as well as challenge us all to buy in a more considered way. Best known for producing one‑off zero waste pieces, created from leftover fabric, recycled cotton and recycled thread.

Work Shy

Work shy creates sustainable workwear, made to be well‑worn. Every Work Shy jacket is designed and ethically manufactured in the UK. And with their promise of free repairs for life, you don't need to worry. Go ahead. Wear it out.

Elin Manon

Eclectic, Circular and Artisan. Elin Manon is your place to get zero waste, individual designs from sustainable materials. With a focus on fully fashioned knitwear and fashions from upcycled materials. Made to be characterful, yet timeless, opting for smaller collections in limited runs, creating value in each piece they make.


Better for people, better for the planet

Their vision is to lead a movement of consumers committed to changing the fashion industry for the better. They believe that style should not cost lives, so they create clothes that you will feel good in and feel good about.

Carpenter and Cloth

Carpenter and cloth are focused on using traditional skills to create clothing and shelter from the materials of their local landscape. They are makers, sharing space, skills and creativity with a passion for enduring design and soulful craftsmanship.

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