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Fabric for Freedom- New Stockist!

Updated: May 7, 2020

It is time for Elin Manon as a brand to evolve by working with like minded Sustainable and Ethical brands, the fashion landscape is changing and there is now, more than ever, a shift towards home grown independent labels. The best way to implement real change is through collaboration, to create cohesive, carefully curated collections across platforms which give options to customers.

Fabric for Freedom are all about the ethics of fashion, they are new, fair and safe for everyone. "This expanding world has given rise to the world of fast fashion, where companies are mass-producing their pieces in order to offer low prices and keep up with trends. Poorly made with low price tags, these sorts of brands are contributing to massive amounts of waste. In response we are making efforts to promote sustainable fashion with eco-conscious practices. Designed for longevity - our ethos is to be responsible, honest and modern."

All of their products are UK made in sustainable London factories, each of their suppliers are ethical, guaranteeing fair wages and good working conditions to create the garments. That now includes us.

Elin Manon creates one-off, hand crafted items in the heart of South West Wales, combining elements of knitwear and reworked materials. It's all about bringing the everyday into fashion, to create relatable pieces. A mixed media approach to design; foraging for broken objects and abandoned textiles to create a character in clothing. Elin Manon is dedicated to creating clothes from quality, natural wools, organic cotton and recycled or dead stock materials.

All of our knitwear pieces are hand framed in the studio in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Each item is made with labour intensive, hand crafted techniques which cannot be replicated the same way with industrial machinery. They are fully fashioned, meaning that you only use what you need, resulting in zero-waste. Many of these pieces are now stocked at Fabric for Freedom:

The Tonwen Jumpers. The Tonwen Jumpers are designed with a lace ripple effect 'Tonwen' is Welsh for 'White Wave', this technique is knitted individually over hundreds of rows. A blend of Shetland wool from Scotland and a boucle fluffy wool. Available in Snow/Forest and Blood Orange/Berry

The Tegan oversized jumper. Made with a soft Shetland wool. This has become a house staple at Elin Manon 'Tegan' a Welsh girls name which also means toy, eluding to the warm and cozy feel of the jumper. Hand framed using a weaving in technique. The wool on the surface of the design is a mix of different colours in carpeting wool, repurposed to create a vibrant design.

The Cadi Ladder trousers. Made in the same way as the Tegan Jumper, the Wool is woven into the knit as it is being made to create this laddered texture effect on the surface of the design. Another popular design on Instagram. They have a streamlined cut with flared hems. Made from Shetland wool, acrylic and merino from surplus yarn.

The Elin Manon knitwear pieces are now stocked online with Fabric for Freedom at

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