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Phoebe Buffay's Best Outfits: The Fashion Icon of the 90s

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow, was one of the six iconic characters in the hit TV show Friends. While the fashion of the other characters was more traditional, Phoebe's unique and eclectic sense of style stood out as a highlight of the show. Known for her quirky personality, off-beat humour, and boho-chic fashion sense, we as an audience were introduced to her wardrobe of vintage finds, self-made clothing and over the top accessories. Phoebe's fashion choices were as memorable as her kooky character. Here, we take a look at 7 of Phoebe's best outfits from Friends to show how she was the real fashion icon of the 90s.

Phoebe's style was all about layering, mixing patterns, and incorporating unusual pieces into her outfits. She was never afraid to take risks and embrace her individuality. Her fashion sense was a reflection of her carefree and whimsical nature.

One of Phoebe's most iconic outfits was when she wore a blue and white skirt with a denim jacket and a pair of converse trainers in the episode "The One With The Fake Monica" (Episode 21, Season 1). This classic and timeless combination is still a popular choice for fashion-conscious women today.This ensemble was comfortable and effortless, perfect for her laid-back lifestyle. She often accessorised with a colourful scarf, chunky jewellery, and an array of funky hats, adding a touch of free-spirited flair to her outfits.

Pheobe Buffay in oversized felt hat and layered jackets, Monica in a leather jacket and felt beret, best friends outfits

Layering and accessories were always a key part of Phoebe’s fashion sense. In the episode "The One With Mrs. Bing" (Episode 11, Season 1) Phoebe wore two jackets, one patterned and another leather with an iconic oversized felt hat, sporting a feather. Paired with a velvet patterned scarf, no one could have predicted this look. The art of layering is still a popular fashion choice today and Phoebe's love for accessories only portray her ability to add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Phoebe's love for vintage clothing and versatile style, changing aesthetics like a chameleon from one day to another, was also a major aspect of her fashion sense. With the current trend of ‘core’ clothing (softcore, cottagecore etc), Phoebe would have fit right into the modern world. In the episode “The One With The Jam” (Episode 3 of Season 3) Phoebe wore an entirely punk inspired look.

Pheobe Bouffay in purple leather jacket and gold hoops episode 3 season 3 eating sandwich

Rocking a faux leather jacket with a purple open shirt, large hoops and an array of different sized necklaces. We have to admire her bravery to switch it up. Unapologetically mixing different tones of purple, this may be one of our favourite looks so far! This vintage-meets-modern look is still a sought-after style today and shows Phoebe’s distinctive take on fashion. Some could say she was ahead of her time.

Speaking of being fashion forward, In Episode 4 Season 2 “The One With Phoebe’s Husband,” Phoebe stuns and shows off her figure in a retro style pink and white tweed mini dress, paired with pink earrings, skin coloured tights and a twiggy-inspired 60’s hairdo. Phoebe really shows off her versatile style, from getting resourceful with what she has to pulling off this Chanel-esque aesthetic. She really is a girl who can do both.

As a lover of charity shopping, Phoebe Buffay takes the sitcom crown as the ‘queen of the thrift’. In Episode 6 of Season 3, "The One with the Flashback", Phoebe wears a white lace dress, complete with a fringed vest and large gold pendant. This one of a kind look showcases Phoebe's nifty and creative side as well as her willingness to experiment with different styles and materials. Her confidence to wear something she’s sought for portrays her to be a genuine free-spirit with a talent for more than just looking good. From flaunting her boho-chic vintage finds to standing up for what's environmentally right, we have to stan Phoebe's values ,as a vegetarian, to also steer clear of real fur. In Episode 14, Season 5, Phoebe's love for fur was on full display, where she wore a vibrant, orange faux fur coat over a pair of ripped jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

Pheobe Buffay wearing a vibrant, orange faux fur coat over a pair of ripped jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. With shocked expression

The fur coat was luxurious and stylish, making it a memorable and distinct look but making her a timeless character. With all that’s going on environmentally in the world, we could all do with a little ‘Phoebe Buffay’ within us.

Phoebe's hairstyle and accessories were also a defining feature of her fashion sense. Her long, curly locks were often styled in a messy bun, adding to her carefree and bohemian vibe. She was never afraid to switch things up, and was often seen with different hairstyles, including braids and half-up, half-down styles. Right out the gate, in Episode 1 of Season 1, Phoebe can be seen with her hair styled in bubble braids, paired with a printed throw and jeans. For an increasingly popular modern hairstyle, Phoebe shows she’s way ahead of the styling game. This look is a testament to Phoebe's ability to make a statement with even the simplest of pieces.

In conclusion, Phoebe Buffay's fashion style on Friends was a reflection of her quirky personality and individuality. Her bold and eclectic fashion sense continues to inspire fashion lovers to this day and serves as a reminder that personal style is about embracing who you are and having fun with fashion. So, the next time you're looking for fashion inspiration, remember Phoebe and her unforgettable fashion sense.

Written by,

Kemi Gbadebo

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