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Sage Green- The new Grey?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Siwd Mae!

Sage green is everywhere these days, from gorgeous aesthetic in decor, table setting, accessories of all sorts to entire outfits.

The colour somehow manages to blend notions of nostalgia, subtle glamour, organic nature and minimalism.

You can wear it in so many ways, from sweat sets, a full suited monochrome look or in patterns like checks, swirls and ditsy florals. A colour which has proved to transcend the seasons, whether as a floor length wool coat or a cotton poplin summer dress.

Wear it with natural notes like beige, and cream, slate grey or other pastel tones like aqua blue.

Here are some of this months favourite inspirational pics....

Can't find the right accessory? Match it with your homeware instead, #workfromhomechic

Credit: Jessica @overdressedblogger

The Sgwariau a Streipiau Wrap in Soft Blue and Sage Green


Credit; Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2020

From The Archives-- Laura Ashley's Print Crazy Home

Credit: House Beautiful

The Sage Green and Snow Crychdoni 'Ripple' Headwarmer


Credit; Gwen Evans 2019 Eisteddfod

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