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6 Splendid Shades for Spring 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

It's officially spring! My favourite time of year, and time to bring some fresh new tones to our wardrobes. Here is a list of some of this years hottest colour trends and some of my personal favourites.


Lilac well and truly took off in 2020, Instagram's feed was bustling with matching co-ords and pastel coloured pumps.. a year on and it's still here, and here to stay.

Lilac works best with neutral tones, off-white, oatmeal, heather grey and sage green. Though the best colour combo I've found is a soft orange or coral.


A softer and warmer alternative to pastel pink, coral or salmon pink is a great option and less likely to leave you looking washed out if you have fair skin, pair with deeper orange tones, Klein blue or lilac to create a 1960s vibe.

Sage Green

Sage is the perfect balance between a radiant mint green and a somber army green. It is the new heather grey, it can be worn as a full minimalist ensemble, or a base to combine with more daring designs

Pair it with these stunning tones below


By far my favourite colour, and a staple of the Elin Manon brand. Use teal to add depth to your ensemble, teamed with our sage green and pale sea tones. Teal also works perfectly with dusky pinks and forest green.

Pale Sea

Paler than duck egg blue, a pale sea blue can add brightness to an outfit without going for a bright white. Works incredibly well for those with a warm or neutral undertone. Match with sage green, or yellow. Just like coral pink it serves as a calmer alternative to a pastel blue.

Charcoal Grey

Why is it that we reserve all our dark colours to winter, and pastels for summer? Charcoal grey is one of the most versatile colours to wear all year round , some of my favourite summer garments are either black or anthracite. Charcoal grey is a no brainer, wear with heather grey, oatmeal or white, for a timeless monochrome look.

Now launched is our new selection of summer accessories, featuring a variety of these colour combinations

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